Inspired by the pandemic, in April of 2020, I bought a hotline voicemail box where people called anonymously to vent. Usually people left messages about their states of mind and most troubling concerns. Influenced by the public stories, I converted the narratives of collective trauma into a new series of artworks that personify learned epiphanies; chained fortunes and disordered awakenings propelling us to our inner homelands and the imminent arrival.

During the pandemic many longed to escape confinement and flee to another land. In times of duress, far fledged fantasies of escape seemed alluring, their impracticalities as mere details brushed over in our desire for a better life.

In the uncertain space of Covid, I wanted to defer away from control into spontaneous dance. In my new Covid series, I sought to unclutter, subtract and introspect in minimalism by way of deconstructing + transforming my earlier artworks into reincarnated forms to reflect the tearing renegation of identity that inevitably comes with change.

PSYCHOMAGICOWER explores themes of conserving earth, collective governing, collective trauma, collective anxiety, political consciousness, gender politics, intertwined subjectivity, connection to local and mythic, abuse of power, race wars, family dynamics, quotidian and the short lived sense of foreverness. I took more experimental risk using techniques of collage, surface alterations, fusing binary materials, and the negotiation of space and color.

(Click on images to enlarge and reduce) (web).jpg 22 (web).jpg 4 (web).jpg 5 (web).jpg 3 (web).jpg king (web).jpg king 2 (web).jpg king 3 (web).jpg king 4 (web).jpg detail.jpg detail.jpg detail.jpg detail 2.jpg Entering Through Hell (web).jpg Entering Through Hell (detail web).jpg Entering Through Hell (detail 2 web).jpg detail.jpg of Narcissus (web).jpg of Narcissus (detail web).jpg of Narcissus (detail 2 web).jpg detail.jpg detail.jpg detail.jpg Mac (web).jpg Mac (detail 2 web).jpg detail.jpg detail.jpg, Hunted (web).jpg, Hunted (detail web).jpg Waste Woman (web).jpg Waste Woman (detail web).jpg and the Hungry Alien (web).jpg and the Hungry Alien (detail 3 web).jpg and the Hungry Alien (detail 2 web).jpg and the Hungry Alien (detail web).jpg the Influence (web).jpg the Influence (detail web).jpg the Influence (detail 2 web).jpg Chase (web).jpg Chase (detail 2 web).jpg Chase (detail web).jpg and the Affliction of Dualism (web).jpg and the Affliction of Dualism (detail web).jpg