BBQ is acronymm for Bounce Back Qween


BBQ is life or death, black or white, off the beaten path. They were born from suffocation and destruction into the machinations of the flesh world. They are flesh reincarnation, a vessel, the clown saddling a blade, a bridge connecting and across waters, a symbol for perpetual reinvention, innovation, creating paths, perseverance, second chances, redemption. They proclaim --- it's never too late, no such thing as failure try a different way.

BBQ is an anti-hero / AAPID caricature of society and an anti-rally against Yellowism. They are a multidimensional mirror of the hateful rhetorics surrounding immigrants presented by the government and media. Through persona, fashion, and performance, they seek to find, challenge and play with the notions that keep and empower marginalized people in the margins.