Artist Statement

I am a Mongolian American cross-disciplinary artist born on the vast steppes of Mongolia. I was raised in Hungary and immigrated to the United States with my family in 1999.

My identity as a first generation Mongolian American nomadic voyeur shapes a life of duality where opposing values and norms of Eastern and Western spiritual and social traditions constantly clash and fuse. I am interested in expressing the embattled emotional middle space of the marginal identity; one who perpetually lives in two worlds, in both of which more or less a stranger.

My art is birthed out of a mix of pain and personal experiences derived from the collective human condition. Through line, I aspire to lift the viewer. I seek to present a holistic visual guide in how one can remedy the soul from suffering to resilience and authentic personal self empowerment with attention to social justice issues.

My artistic process derives from a balance of intuitive and concept driven method of experimental creation. I seek to create visual tension through automatic and intended mark making. I like to fuse binary concepts and techniques of representation, from contrasting languages of wet and dry textures, precision and chaos, into stimulatory layers as to create conceptual proximity between forces of opposition and displacement.

I experience my artistic production as an act of creative play between subject and object, and aim for a convulsive spontaneity in the journey of their creation. Similarly, I express my ideas and concepts through cross-disciplinary mediums of painting, writing, installation, multimedia and filmmaking. All my creative outlets act as transparent extensions of my life and my perpetual search to identify and empower through the power of empathy and inspiration.